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We work in narrow collaboration with 2 photographers from MAAO Photos, Aurélie Olagnon and Anthony Michel, but also withAlain Forestfor the shootings of nos artists  whether in concert or for promotional photos


Esther W PINK est une photographe de concerts depuis de nombreuse années.

Elle a eu l'occasion de shooter de nombreux groupes de rock et metal en live mais aussi de faire des shooting promotionnels notamment pour des groupes comme KINGCROWN

Elle reste à la disposition des artistes pour leur proposer des les accompagner lors de leur concerts ou de leur réaliser des shooting photos privés

Vous pouvez retrouver son travail ici

Et son site:

MAAO is the story of a meeting between two photography enthusiasts…. My name is Aurélie Olagnon (you guessed it, I'm MAAO's AO). Photography has accompanied me since I was little, my dad practiced photography as an amateur on a film camera. I am a photoeater, I feed on images as a primary need. I like photographing people, bringing out their soul, freezing a smile, an emotion. That's what excites me about photography. My companion Anthony Michel, the MA of MAAO, also a photographer, often works in tandem with me, especially on weddings and certain outdoor sessions. Passionate, his camera always at hand, he likes to freeze moments of the street, landscapes, details that can go unnoticed by those who do not pay attention to them. His complementary eye to mine allows us, together, to see and capture as many things as possible. Both passionate about urbex... we explore these places, abandoned, to bring them back to life for a few photos. MAAO is a set of services for individuals wishing to keep an unforgettable memory of their moments of life but also for professionals who need to highlight their products, their company, their

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